We are Located in Delaware County near Delhi, Iowa,
which is located just west of Dyersville, Iowa.

"The Toy Capital of the World"

Being located close to Dyersville gives us access to many
of the top manufactures of collectible die-cast toys & banks.

Manufactures like Ertl, First Gear, Spec-Cast, Scale Models, Gear Box and others.

Many of the collectible toys & banks we have acquired in our collections are
Manufacture's First Run Units, Prototype and Pre-Production "Samples"
Plus other Very Rare & Unique Collectibles.

If you are an avid collector of collectible die-cast toys & banks,
then one of these Rare items is a must have for your collection

I have been Collecting & Dealing in Die-Cast Collectibles since 1985 ( or so )

I hope you enjoy browsing through our collection and find something
"You Can't Live Without" for your personal collection.

Whether you want to add a rare collectible to your collection
or just enjoy viewing some of the Unique & Rare items produced
by leading die-cast manufactures you’ll want to tour our web site.

You'll Find Collections Filled with Rare & One-of-a-Kind Die-Cast Replica Toys
and Banks from the Die-Cast Archives of Rural America Collectible Toys

Each Collection Contains Photographs, Descriptions and Background Information   

I have well over 3000 items in My Collection.

My Collection Inventories Included Rare Prototype Samples,
Pre-Production Samples and Production Model Units
of Cars, Trucks, Airplanes and Farm Tractors from
First Gear, Ertl, Spec-Cast, GearBox and others.

If you're wondering about the origin of these Great Die-Cast Collectibles?

Many I have collected over the years, but some time ago I purchased the "OLD" inventory
from a major die-cast dealer in Dyersville, Iowa. Being located in Dyersville this dealer
enjoyed the unique opportunely of working closely with the experienced sales and design
personnel of these companies. This one-on-one working relationship resulted in many Rare
One-of-a-Kind Prototype Samples, Pre-Production Samples and Production Sample Models.
Some of the samples were never released for production, while others were released, but
with different graphics or color combinations.

Pre-Production Samples are produced to check graphics , color,
design etc. before the final production run begins.

Very few pre-production samples are produced making them very rare.

This is your chance to add some Rare & One-of-a Kind Collectibles to Your Collection

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