Campbell's Soups
Two Original Prototype Samples
2 Campbell's Soups B-61 Mack Tractor Trailer ~ 2 Campbell's Soups 1957 International DGV Trucks

Pictured at left is the TCCA PromoGram feathering  the trucks as the production models appear.

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'60 Mack TT Prototype Samples 19-1314

'60 Mack TT w/White Fenders

'60 Mack TT w/Red Fenders
'57 IHC DGV Prototype Sample 19-1313

'57 IHC DGV w/White Fenders

'57 IHC DGV w/Red Fenders
YES, All the Trucks Come in the Original First Gear Box
Original TCCA Program  Showing
Production Models & Colors
19-1314 Mack TT Prototype Samples
$225 each
19-1313 '57 IHC DGV Samples
$150 each