Ford Trucks
50th Anniversary Issue Trucks
 Never Produced for Collector Market
Produced in 1994 by First Gear Replicas for The Toy Collector Club of America  

In 1994 the order was placed for these two FORD 50th Anniversary trucks by TCCA from
1st Gear Replicas but final approval by TCCA was never received and production was
never scheduled resulting  in two great One-of-a-Kind Collectibles

These Trucks are
VERY RARE One-of-a-Kind Production Quality Prototype Sample

Trucks are is in Mint Condition in Box

Stock # 19-1632                    "Click" to Enlarge Images                  Stock # 19-1633
Super Rare FORD 50th Anniversary Trucks
'53 Ford Pickup ~ Stock # 19-1632
'53 Ford Straight Truck ~ Stock # 19-1633
Keep in mine ONLY ONE of each of these trucks were produced
They are being sold on a first to come first to order basics
Two Super Rare FORD 50th Anniversary Trucks