First Run Prototype Sample without Deer Head Graphic Design Removed

1st Gear Logo on Mud Flap ( No Serial Number )
First Run Prototype Sample with Deer Head Graphic Design on Trailer

Only Two Production Quality Units were Produced
with the Deer Head Design on the '60 Mack Tractor Trailer
for The Toy Collector Club of America by First Gear Replicas
Toy Collector Club of America
First Truck in Remington "High Powered Firearms" Series ~ Stock # 10-1292

This Collection Consists of Four REMINGTON 1960 B-61 MACK Tractor Trailers

Including a Sample with a Deer Head Design on Trailer  PLUS
Two Pre-Production Samples and a Production Model Serial Number 0001
First Run Production Sample Produced by First Gear Replicas

Remington Tractor Trailer First Run Production Model  Serialized # 1

There were 2500 Serialized Units Produced and Distributed by
Toy Collector Club of America ~ May 1995
The Second & Last Truck in Remington "High Powered Firearms"
Series is the '55 Diamond T Dry Goods Van

This is the Remington Truck that has the Deer Head Graphics

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1960 Model B-61 Mack T/T

First In Series
Stock # 10-1292
Remington '60 Mack TT
w/Deer Head Design $750.00
Remington '60 Mack with
First Gear Logo ~ $350.00
Remington '60 Mack
Serialized 0000 ~ $350.00
Remington '60 Mack
Serialized # 1 ~ $350.00
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But Don't Like the Asking Price
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