This LIMITED EDITION set of trucks was distributed by
The Toy Collector Club of America

Commencing in January 1996 the first model in the series was to be delivered.
Subsequent models were to be available each month thereafter concluding with model # 6 in June 1996

The Toy Collector Club was sold in 1996 before all the models were released.
A few sets did make it into the hands of collectors, but very few were distributed,
making a complete set of all six models of the Hunting Dog Series pickups a Very RARE Find

Each model design was authentically reproduced from original Remington archives utilizing a unique printing
process to give collectors a truly collectible issue. Each  LIMITED EDITION unit is individually serial numbered along
with each custom designed package. The outer brown box is also
serialized with matching serial numbers as well.
Set is complete with a specially tooled and designed dog kennel bank, miniature dog, full color certificate.

Models are each 1/25 scale  ( about 8" long ) Trucks also have Front End Steering

I Have Three ( 3 ) Complete Hunting Dog Series Sets
Each set is in MINT Condition with all six trucks

Complete set of Prototype Samples w/applied labels and the serial number location blank
Each truck is wrapped in bubble wrap and boxed in a plain brown box.

Complete set of Pre-Production Samples  with screened graphics
Each unit is Serial Numbered 0000 in a custom designed package with matching serial number.

Complete LIMITED EDITION set of Production Models ~ Serialized  0001
Unit, custom designed package and brown outer box have matching serial numbers
Die Cast Metal Collector Replicas by ERTL