This Set of Eight ( 8 ) Remington Game Loads  
Prototype Sample Trucks were Produced in 1992 - 93
by ERTL Collectibles for the Toy Collector Club of America  

~ These Eight Trucks Were Never Produced in Final Production ~

~  This Super Rare Collectible Remington Series Included  ~

Four  Different 1931 Hawkeye Trucks and
Four Different 1925 Kenworth Delivery Trucks

Each Prototype Sample Truck is a One-of-a-Kind Sample

Set Includes all 8 Prototype Samples w/Applied Labels  

Each Prototype Samples has it's Original ERTL Production Tags
Remington Game Loads
Super Rare Prototype Samples by Ertl Collectibles
Job # R25-4

!931 Hawkeye Truck
Job # R26-4


1925 Kenworth Truck
Job # R27-4


1931 Hawkeye Truck
Job # R28-4


1925 Kenworth Truck
Job # R29-4


1931 Hawkeye Truck
Job # R30-4


1931 Hawkeye Truck
Job # R31-4


1925 Kenworth Truck
Job # R32-1


1925 Kenworth Truck
Each of the trucks has the same
Remington GAME LOADS Logo
design on the tail gate.
None of the sample trucks were given Ertl stock numbers
only a production job number & job tag for ID
Remington Game Loads 1931 Hawkeye & Kenworth Delivery Trucks