"The Price"!!

You will not find the die-cast items on our web site priced.

There is No "Book Value" OR "Price Guide" for the
Die-Cast Manufactured Samples you'll find within our website.

Some are worth little more than their production counterpart,
while others will sell for many times more than production models.

Some "Rare Production Models" shown do have estimated values,
based on Price Guides, but only you the buyer will determine the final value.

If you are interested in adding any of the collectibles
found on our web site to your collection


or Please submit an offer by going to our "Contact Us" page.

We will consider all serious and reasonable offers to purchase.

Before submitting an offer to purchase
Please take into account that most of the items
and collections are original manufacturer's samples.

Only a few of each were produced with many being
"Hand Made" One-of-a-Kind items.

The rarely and value of these items are usually
far more than their production counterparts.

We hope you enjoy viewing our archive collections
and will want to make one or two part of your collection.

Thank you, Jerry - Rural America Collectible Toys