Smith & Wesson
144th Anniversary Commemorative Limited Edition Set
Made by First Gear Replicas for The Toy Collector Club of America

~ Stock No. 18-1889 Production Model with Serial Number 1 ~
Graphics on truck shows a picture of Horace Smith w/Repeating Pistol
Matching Serial Numbers ~ Number One (1) on both the truck & pocketknife

~ Production Quality Prototype Sample with Serial No. 0000 ~
Graphics on truck shows a picture of Daniel Wesson w/Percussion Rifle
Serial Number on truck is 0000 ~ Although NO Knife was with this Sample Truck
I managed to get one of the EXTRA knifes ~ Serial Number on knife is 4912

The Toy Collector Club of Americs planned to produced 5000 of each of the
144th Anniversary Edition Smith & Wesson Truck Sets ~
Only 1260 Were Produced

Although 5000 knifes were produced only 1260 were matched to production trucks
with the Horace Smith image ~  
Only 2 Sample Trucks were Produced with Daniel Wesson image
Production Model ~ Stock # 18-1889
Horace Smith w/Repeating Pistol Graphics
Truck Serial Number 1 ~ Knife Serial Number 1
Prototype Sample ~ Stock # 18-1889
Danial Wesson w/Percussion Rifle Graphics
Truck Serial Number 0000~ Knife Serial Number 4912
Daniel Wesson Prototype Sample
Horace Smith '51 Ford  Serial # 1