What is a Manufacture's Sample?

What is an Original Manufacture's Prototype or Pre-Production Sample?

Prototype and Pre-Production Samples are made by die-cast manufactures for the person,
company or corporation ordering the die-cast item. Once the purchase order is received, a production quality
prototype sample with customers graphics on the vehicle selected is produced.
This process takes approximately eight weeks. Once a sample is approved production is scheduled
and a few pre-production samples are made. Color and graphics are checked for accuracy.
Last minute changes are made and final production is under way

Samples were never meant to be available to the collector.
Therefore there are no certificates or documents verifying production or even the existence of samples.
Many  DO NOT come in the custom packaging box the final production model will be put in.
Most are put in plain boxes or whatever box is available at the time if they are put in a box at all.

Some First Gear Truck Samples (if serialized) will bare the serial number 0000

Some Ertl Samples will have a Private Brand Sample tag attached to them.

But most samples have to be identified by appearance alone.

Like the use of applied labels on prototype samples and pad printing
or silk screening on pre-production samples and final production model.

Applied label graphics are used on most Hand Made Prototype Samples.

Pad Printed & Screened Graphics can be found on
Pre-Production Samples as well as Production Models.

Although Samples appear as close to production models as possible,
color and graphics will differ on most. Some have subtle differences,
like a small difference in the color shade, while others have
major differences in color and/or graphics.

Whatever the difference, samples are very rare.
Many are hand made keeping the number made low.
Usually only one or two because of the cost and time limits
associated with this One-of-a-Kind process.

There is No Book Value or Price Guide for Samples.

Some Rare Production Models shown do have estimated values,
based on Collector Price Guides. This value is only a guide not an asking price.

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