Wolf's Head Motor Oil
Production Quality Prototype Samples

~ 1953 White 3000 Tractor & Tanker Trailer ~
Stock # 19-2065 ~ Scheduled for Release April 1, 1997

~ 1957 IH R-200 Gin Pole Truck
Stock # 19-2106 ~ Scheduled for Release May, 1 1997

Before the release date of these two trucks The Toy Collector Club of America was sold.
The Club was Purchased by GearBox Collectibles in 1996 and 2 years later sold again to
Spec-Cast  of Dyersville, Iowa

The Wolf's Head Series ended with this purchase and these two outstanding trucks
were never produced for production by  First Gear Replicas

Pictured at the bottom of this page are copies of the original art work that was going to be used
by the Toy Collector Club of America to offer these trucks to collectors
Original Wolf's Head PromoGram Ad
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As you can see a few changes were made to the final version