Here’s a refreshing change to the 1/64th line of collector model trucks!

Yuba Heat Transfer Model Navistar drop bed trailer with a heat exchanger payload

This Collection Includes Both a Production Model and a Prototype Sample

This Unit is Very Unique because it was produced by both

ERTL Collectibles & Toy Collector Club of America

Ertl / TCCA Stock # 7669
An Ertl Collectible Navistar Tractor w/Dropbed Trailer was used  with
Ertl produceding the labels and labeling the tractor & heat exchanger on the trailer

The Toy Collector Club of America produced the heat exchanger
which is made from wood and installed it onto the trailer.

Released in 1990
Only 425 units were produced

225 were sold within Yube Manufacturing Company

Only 200 units were offered to TCCA Collectors
with permission from Yuba Manufacturing Co.

Yuba has manufactured heat transfer equipment for over sixty years.

For easy explanation the heat exchanger is a series of tubes within a tube used for the
purpose of heating a colder fluid and cooling a hotter fluid. This is accomplished by flowing
one fluid inside small diameter tubes while the other fluid flows outside these same tubes.
The unites are usually about 4’ in diameter and contain a few thousand tubes, however,
they can be as large as 15’ in diameter or as small as 2’ in diameter with a proportional
number of tubes.
Production Model
Prototype Sample
Private Brand SAMPLE Tag